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A short biography of Donald Barber;  -  More here.

    I'm a lifetime resident of Mississauga who has from 1994, spent the last 12 years leading the community effort to save the Cawthra Bush and protect Mississauga’s environment in general.  Ran in 4 elections.  Working as a Democratic activist long and hard to provide the facts that the public needs to be fully informed, so they can be meaningful involved in government decision making.  Lived in poverty to do that and trying to stop the striping away of our basic human rights and residents rights, which means have been beaten up legally but still keep fighting the good fight because of community support.  There have been many success along the way too.  The Cawthra Bush, is a remarkable forest and a cherished community treasure.  Its web-site -

    Organized and became the President of Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB) to stop both the City's selective logging and tree farming of all City lands, starting in the Cawthra Bush.  Later formed and was Chair of the Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (CRRA), which the City refused to recognize saying we would disagree with the City's plans.  These are small grass-roots groups with very limited resources but our petition drives have resulted in a couple of thousand of supporters. Lead the effort that stopped the deforestation down the side of the Cawthra Bush.  Held a Protest rally in the middle of the winter to send the message of how dissatisfied we were with how the City has treated taxpayers.  Have also helped other local environmentalists - like Therese Taylor - Laurie Kallis.  As a researcher, have uncovered the secrets of politicians and provided them to the public.  Have published a book on bias and conflict of interest in Mississauga - The Culham Brief -  and writing the political history of Mississauga.

On the Cable 10 debated regarding the Cawthra Bush management plan issue - debated Councillor D. Culham and the vast majority of people who watched say I won the debate, which shows I could present the issues in an intelligent and reasonable fashion, when I was given the chance.  There have been dozens of news articles done about the Cawthra Bush and me over the years as well as, other media.  Have twice been interviewed by Bob Hunter and this year Cable 10 News did a piece about my raising Monarch butterfliesYes, I give wings to butterflies - what does McCallion do?

    The Toronto Zoo puts out a newsletter called the Amphibian Voice, as a part of its Adopt-A-Pond programme & wetlands conservation and "Discovery at the Cawthra Bush" got the two page centre spread complete with 5 pictures.  My findings and photographs have helped advanced scientific understanding of the living arrangements of Jefferson Salamanders, which was presented in a Toronto study by Natalie Helferty who is trying to save the Oak Ridges Moraine.  Have received a letter from a university of Guelph professor noting I had found a way to raise Jefferson Salamanders better then he did.

    Have lead the very successful effort to raise the environmental significance of the Cawthra Bush, from just a large stand of trees in a city, to being recognized by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), as a Provincially Significant Wetlands Complex.  I have discovered other rare and threatened species in the Cawthra Bush, such as the Jefferson Salamanders classified as THREATENED by the Federal government.  The Cawthra Bush is also an Old-Growth ecosystem in the City.  It is a swamp forest with Vernal pools & Fairy Shrimp and Chimney building Crayfish.  Have discovered or documented other amphibian and reptilian species.  Have also, been involved in other animal issues, such as helping to rescue Canada geese and stop the City’s plans to kill off masses of them.  Have received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

    There are two web-sites set up and run to the best of my ability, informing the public about the Cawthra Bush and one about political events -  The Cawthra Bush one is the most popular as it has environmental topics people and students want to know about.  Have published on the internet & in print news items.  Have set up displays at public events.  Have many times been invited to speak and teach at local schools and this year have twice given tours for those at Cawthra Park S.S.  Have held many public meetings and candidates debates for all levels of government.  Have addressed City Council many times and wrote hundreds of letters.  I have interviewed local seniors to help record our local history for future generations.  A member of the Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice.  Ran 3 times for Mayor of Mississauga, came in third - second - third , in the last Provincial election for the Green Party and am running for Mayor in this years election.  I first ran in 1994 because the Mayor unlawfully shut down our FOI requests. 

    In 1997, I said would write their history and the police were sent to my door.  In 2006, I announced I was writing the Political History of Mississauga ( for students & researchers), and I am arrested soon after, while trying to address City Council about the FACT is was bad planning, by all accounts, to permit the building of homes at the end of an Airport runway.  A DVD is available to show how the entrapment was sprung.  In Mississauga, under Hazel McCallion, no good deed goes unpunished!

City By-law attacks - political harassment of a Mayoralty candidate!

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