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Hazel McCallion
the Mayor of Mississauga
Is a
Drunk Driver
According to Family Insider!

Hazel McCallion in the back of a Peel police cop car with a drink.
This was the second political cartoon of Hazel after she was elected Mayor of Mississauga for the first time.
What were they trying to tell us?
Keep hearing when the police do catch her is to drive her home.

Picture of Hazel coming out of a bottle of Alcohol?
Should we be surprised?

    In a very long taped interview, a insider to the McCallion family revealed intimate details of not only their drinking habits but even their sleeping arrangements.  Due to unfolding events and the current election this has become the most appropriate time to go public with this, so the public can better understand why the Mayor and City staff entrapped me June 7th, as well as other legal actions that could be taken against me and The Democratic Reporter.  Sorry not able to verify the facts more but threats to my wellbeing do not permit it.

    On June 7, 2006, Hazel McCallion decided not to allow us to address City Council at the traditional time for questions from the public regarding matters not on the Council Agenda.  City security guards, dressed in their all black uniforms, set to work ushering us out of the building even thou Council had not instructed it.  The resulting unnecessary confrontation took place only because of the Mayor's earlier actions (such as believing I am part of a COUP out to get her), and generally her approval that confrontation leading to legal action is an acceptable method of eliminating Mississaugans  from the political playing field, who question City hall and/or the Mayor.

    On June 8, 2006, at the my Bail hearing, the Crown or persecutor read out a twisted version of a number of events, one of which was my presentation of a bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry to the Mayor in Council.  It was a belated birthday gift and a hint to her that I was discovering all the details of her drinking habits as well as her drunk driving.  It is worth noting that when I raised concerns that Mississauga City Council was not supporting the efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and ask that members of Council go on the record stating they have never driven drunk - Hazel McCallion did not.  Because the Crown has raised this matter in a legal proceeding against me that the City started, that the judge refused to even listen to my side of the story (the facts), and my request for a publication ban denied - so I am going on the public record with the facts.  That there is reason to believe further efforts will be made to silence me from making public the details of what I know about Hazel McCallion, these items are being made public now.  Politicians know full well that I am gathering the details of their lives and am not afraid to publish them.  People should regard the entrapment and false allegations that are alleged to have happened June 7/06, as well as many others the City cares to note, as a pattern of behaviour to wrongfully use legal actions and police, by City politicians/staff to escape discovery and accountability.  That what has happened to me, has in some way happened to others, it is just not being reported - till NOW!

    The reported involvement of police or otherwise the ability to affect the outcome of legal cases, is a concern.  Many times I have heard stories of how the Mayor has escaped justice because she is the Mayor of Mississauga.  In this piece it is noted that the police avoid charging the Mayor, direct evidence of this has not been found but as it is repeated over and over, in one form or another, it makes me think there could be some truth to it.  Here is another example I have received - "I used to work with a ********.  Prior to joining the *************** he was with Peel Police.  He told me that on 2 occasions he stopped the Mayor for drunk driving.  He gave his superior officer a letter saying if he should stop the Mayor a 3rd time for drunk driving, he would charge her.  I know this man well as I worked with him for 5 years."  It is hoped that if there is truth to these stories, it will come forward or proof to the contrary, to end the speculation once and for all.

    Further to the above and in regards to the events of June 7th, I have many reasons to believe that Peel police are more than willing to aid the political careers of City politicians, at the expense of taxpayers, their rights and our Democracy.

    This interview is presented as quotes and many items in this interview have not been fully verified but due to the closeness of the person to members of the McCallion family, friend, business partner (went sour resulting in a court case), worked for Hazel and lived for years with Hazel's daughter, a certain level of creditability must be granted.   However if reasons can be presented why what I have been told is not accurate, please present the facts for consideration.  Also, for years people have been coming up to me telling their stories of Hazel is a drunk driver or how she almost ran them down in a parking lot.  It has become a running joke in Mississauga that I am sick of hearing about!  Maybe with this matter being made public others will follow and maybe MADD will get off their hypocritical butts and investigate this matter.  Know they have been told about this for years now.  Also, there are many other details about politicians that have been discovered and which are safety deposited with others for protection - the truth will be come out, sooner than later.

And some may not like the fact that the vulgarity has been left in but this is about real people and how real people act, in real life.  As this is a look inside the McCallion clan, it is also a look at the people they associate with.  Please leave your delusions at the door.

DB is for Donald Barber and the name of the person being interviewed is being protected for the time being.

"Including the O.P.P. officer here in Milton that popped her on her way back from Puslinch and 11, and subsequently now is on the hoof from bunny patrol and didn't make it to Court, and the charges were thrown out.  No, I don't know anything about that." [sarcasm]

DB - Okay, do you know his name?

"I do not know -- he was just transferred in, and he was running out of Port Credit, when Port Credit first took over Milton area."

DB - About what year?

"This would be probably thirteen or fourteen years ago. ... She was pulled over on the 401, and Mayor One --- for swerving in and out of traffic, just before 25 Highway.  And, the officer took her in.  Definitely impaired. She failed the roadside breathalizer, ... They took her in. The constable that came out to the administer the breath test warned him, 'do know you who this is?'.  Type of bullshit.  And, to make a long story short, he said, 'I don't care who she is'."

DB - He actually charged her?

"The sergeant comes down. The charge has now been laid, explains to the rookie officer -- he's not a rookie/rookie, but he's a rookie down here, that, 'you know what you're doing?', and now he's somewhere in God forsaken no man's land on bunny patrol."

DB - But, in the region or area or?

"No, fuck no. He's like -- Sioux Lookout type of thing."

DB - Still in Ontario, but just barely?

"He's still an O.P.P. officer. They could not fire him for it. ... But, they transferred him, before the Court case.  Therefore he couldn't give evidence.  And, therefore the charges were dismissed and take a walk.  And, Sam was totally pissed off, because he had to come out and pick her up."

DB - Maybe not the first time.

"Actually, he's one of the greatest people you'll ever meet."

"She went off the Creditview Road. ... She just about went down into the Credit River Valley coming -- going out our lane-way one night."

DB - And, you know this?

"Yeah, because like a tractor had to go down and pull her out."

DB - And, she was drinking at the time?

"Oh, like, Christ, she couldn't even find the door out of our family room. Seriously, she couldn't even find the door."

"How do you think every place she ever went had a bottle of Harvey's Shooting Sherry -- Bristol Cream -- sorry -- Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry."

DB - That was her preference?

"By the gallon."

"Toronto Croatia Soccer Club -- Hazel is running for an election.  ... Okay? Sam has got the great big boat -- the Chrysler New Yorker. Okay, nice interior.  She can put her books and everything in the back seat.  Everything's hunky-dorey.  She had already smacked up her car four times in less than five days.  Okay, she's running for an election.  This is with Martin Dobkin. Okay, oh, no, the one after that -- the one after that.  The first one she got opposed.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we -- at my work all day, and then she would have speaking engagements at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00, right?  No problem.  I would go to her campaign office in Streetsville, park my car, jump in Sam's boat. She would climb into the back with Angie or with somebody.  Okay, and I had an itinerary where we were going, so that she could get briefed on her -- if I hear it one more time fucking speech -- you know.  You know, 'next to none' -- oh, but it was the same speech, but she would over it, and do it and chat and who's going to be there and get names and this and that, and Hazel walks in, 'oh, it's so nice to see you'.  She has never laid eyes on the person before in her life, right?  We go down to the Toronto Croatia Soccer Club. ... So, I wheel Hazel in there.  She gets out.  She goes in. I go in.  I have a little something to eat because she's doing this speech and all this other crap.  Okay, she comes out of there.  She's probably half-bagged.  Okay, off we go.  Next stop, gee, Ukrainian Orthodox -- what is it -- Ukrainian Orthodox Church. ... she gets up, has a little spiel.  Everybody is standing around having a few drinks.  She gets up, and tells them what she's thinking of and how she's thinking of it, and what she's going to do, da-da-da-da-da-dah, pounds a few more.  Okay, down to Crofton's --- Gun Club in Cooksville.  She goes in there.  She has got 22 minutes.  She's running behind schedule.  Okay, we poured her into the back seat coming out Crofton's.  Okay, her next speaking engagement was a candidates' meeting at Erindale High School. ... I drive up there. This bitch is fucking hammered. Okay.  And, I'm looking at her -- you know what?  There is no fucking way.  We drove on right on past the place, back to camp, phoned and cancelled.  She got tied up somewhere.  I took her home and poured her into her house, took the car back to her campaign office, grabbed my car and went home."

DB - And, she should thank you for that.

"Do you how many friggin' times she did that?  At least two dozen that I know of, personally."

DB - Everywhere, she does, she drinks sociably.

"Oh, yeah. Then, we better not take her to the Korean Cultural Society?"

DB - Oh, really? What did she do there?

"Totally fucking way out to the point she ended up on her ass on the floor. ...  it was Harvey's Bristol Cream. ... She drinks three bottles of the crap. You know, the day they opened up the -- nor Erin Mills -- Meadowvale Town Centre ---"

"My mother and myself were down there, on a totally different matter, okay, didn't have a clue -- and I don't think Hazel had a clue that Hazel had the meeting right our meeting.  Now, Hazel got there a little early for some unknown reason.  Well, Hazel's not waiting for anybody.  She walks right in.  Okay, well, that was fine.  We sat.  I had my -- I drank about half of mine.  My mother drank hers, and Hazel had four or five and I drove her home.  That woman was whacked."

"She goes out in the Toronto Star Fishing Derby.  She did it for years out of Port Credit. They catch the salmon. They tag it. Okay, four times I had to go out to another charter boat to get a fish.  So, the million dollar fish that Hazel McCallion released, they left it with the presumption of you that she caught it. ... She did. You know, that's a joke."

DB - But, I've heard a lot of stories where they had to cruise around outside there just for her to sober enough to drop her off.

"Yeah, there was one time -- there was one in Port Credit. Sam went down and picked her up, and they didn't come in until -- they were supposed to go out, and they were supposed to do whatever, and they were supposed to report back in, and there was media there from --- the Sun and the Star and the Globe and CFTO and --- whatever, the Mississauga cable channel and, you know, and CHCH and all the local things.  And, get a report of how great this Toronto Star Fishing Derby was going to be, and how big the fish was that Hazel caught, tagged and --- ... Well, then, they did end up -- ... anyway, they were supposed to come in at five o'clock.   There was some kind of a thing that although the Coast Guard -- there was another vessel there, and the vessel was in tow, and everything was fine, but Hazel -- they were going to be unknown time getting back in.  Okay, type of thing.  So, the press -- they wanted it for the six o'clock news. They were supposed to be back in -- you know, sometime between 4:30 and 5:00.  The press all departs.  Sometime around 7:30, they pull into Oakville.  And, pour her into Sam's car, and Sam brings her home, and the chartered boat guy comes back to Port Credit.  He had them all picked up in Oakville. She was pissed."

DB - The usual routine for her.

"Well, yeah, but, you know, over the last few years, it appears that she has slowed down."

DB - Yeah.

"And, I think a lot of that has got to do with age."

DB - And, Sam is not around to drive her home anymore?

"Actually, believe it or not, Hazel used to go out and just get friggin' hammered, okay.  How many times did the Peel Regional Police Department deliver her and her car home?"

DB - Yeah, I keep hearing about that in terms of there's actually a document out there that lists the times that has happened.

"Good luck trying to get into the Peel Regional Police Department's database to get it."

DB - Somebody has already down-loaded it.  You know how the cops are.  If they've got something like that, that would be circulated -- parties and whatnot,"

"Yeah, and I don't know how many times she has come out here and been totally whaled [sic] to go home. You know, ... ******* pulled her out of a ditch. ... but right out in front -- right down the corner of Puslinch 11 coming on to Leslie Road, she missed a corner and went off into the swamp.  And, **** was coming home about five minutes after she was in the swamp, stopped, asked if everything was all right, and she said, 'Oh, yeah, but I've got get out of here. Is there any way?'  He says, 'Well, I've got a tractor at home.  I'll go and get it, and come down, and we'll pull you back out on the road."

DB - That was when the Mayor One went in, eh? Did it have 'Mayor One' on it?

"Oh, yeah."

DB - So, it's kind of hard to mistake the licence.

"Yup, but, you know, and then -- this was after I broke up with Linda that the O.P.P. guy got -- she got popped by him.  That was big, and 'ha-ha' for everybody in Milton."

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