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Hazel McCallion's
Clown Costume

Nov. 1, 2006

Jan 23, 1999                                                          

??? WHAT  THE  HELL  IS  IT ???
It definitely does not look like proper business attire with its
garish or vulgar colours.

What is the Mayor of Mississauga thinking when she is parade around in this get-up?
That she is some kind of super hero - Super Mayor-Women?
Is this her secret or alternate identity?
The Mississauga Rattler?
or maybe,
a BLACK WIDOW Spider has red square on its back just as
Hazel McCallion has in this uniform, is she saying she is the BLACK Spider

She has been doing this for years & no one knows what it is.

In the 2006 Election these concerns were raised, you would think the Mayor would change but no,
 in the 2010 Election she is still at it.

Send in the Major clown Hazel McCallion

You really have to wonder what people are thinking when they have their expectations high waiting for the world renown Mayor of Mississauga to greet them at an event and then she shows up in her Clown Suit.

Maybe it is some kind of display of her ethic background or support of an ethic group but I do not recall reading about it or hearing about it - so the question has be ask - is that,
what it is or has Hazel McCallion become eccentric?

Having seen her many times in public, know she wears the same cloths over and over, something elderly people often do.  Her get-ups usual follow the same pattern and style of jewelry.  However, I am concerned that she is not giving the attention to her personal habits as person in her position should and if she is at a public event representing the City, do we not have a right to know what kind of fashion statement she is making?

The Mayor has for years been showing up at public events in this out-fit and it fits no style that I am familiar with, if you know what it is, let me know.
Have ask her staff, they don't know what it is suppose to be.
Asked John Steward who has covered City hall for decades and he is clueless.
I have to wonder - am I the only person who has noted she is waltzing around what looks like a Clown Costume?  Have people tuned out common sense regarding Hazel to the point she can wear a
Clown Costume to public events and no one notices - boy that is power!

Is this the Mississauga version of the Emperor has no cloths?

Being the great and powerful Hazel McCallion,
people would be intimidate ask about what she is wearing or even to suggest it is not really appropriate for the Mayor of the 6th largest Canada City to be wearing (over & over), but remember - she is asking you to vote for it as well as her.
So let us know what is going on.
{don't say I asked - it would breach my bail!}

Hazel McCallion
in her
Clown Costume

Now you can watch a video of The Mississauga Rattler
or BLACK Spider MAYOR, in action
On YouTube

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