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Media asks common sense
questions about
Hazel McCallion's health & age
we should all take note.

In the past, I have always taken the lead when it comes to seeing the real issues and asking the hard questions that make a difference.  In the 2006 election, I questioned if she would live out her term.  If Voters had listened to me the whole Mississauga Inquiry would not have happened - think of the money saved.
Another reason be concerned is that to run a by-election just for Mayor's office would be between 1.8 to 2 million dollars.  If she dies in office we will have to pay for a state funeral for a Mayor many are calling a disgrace who has made Mississauga a laughing stock.

At the Mayor's Sept. 8th., News Conference the very first questions were about
her health, age and retirement plans.
As you can here in these audio files.

Hazel's health & age - 1
Longest serving Mayor says if she was in "better health it would hurt", does that mean if feeling was restored to her body?  In fact Hazel treats serious questions like jokes and people love the way she bushes them off.
Something very wrong here.

Hazel's health & age - 2

Hazel's health & age - 3

On Sept. 23th. I delivered a letter to City hall calling for a number of things,

one was - 5). That it be made public, by way of a doctors report, the state of the
Mayor’s health and likelihood of her being able to fully service the next 4 year term.
Especially given the fact, a by-election for just the office of Mayor would cost between
1.8 and 2 Million of taxpayers dollars.

Oh the press jumped all over me and the other candidates, even used the term "mud slinging"
- but in fact it was the media who first start this inquiry regarding Hazel's health and age - I was just echoing it.

Even more interesting is the fact the media paid no attention to this - 6). The fully disclosure the details regarding 675352 Ontario Limited,
Macran Associates Limited, the McCallion family holdings referred to in the Apr. 23, 1982 Toronto Sun article (Mississauga gold rush),
any McCallion involvement in the land purchased by Triple Five Corp. (Ghermezian)
and any other McCallion business deals/companies that could be questioned because of the Mayor’s involvement.

Any truly creditable reporter would have been all over that for details - no way that would show Hazel in a bad light!

For more about Hazel's bad and getting worse judgment click here.

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