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Videos for the 2014 Election

Mississauga News Misdirecting Mississauga voters


Hazel McCallion speaks from Church Pulpit


This recording, is of Hazel's speech from the pulpit - it is pure Hazel and oh yes, Vote for Bonnie Crombie. Personally, I think she and her staff could have put together a better speech for inside a Church.
- You be the judge -

As this could be the only video of Hazel speaking from a pulpit, other then her seat at Council, it is posted for all Mississaugans to see & share.

After all, this is the kind of behaviour we can expect from Team Hazel members & supporters.


I will be brief & use the questions used by the Mississauga News - which has been submitted to them and they are not likely to print. But voters should know;

Position running for:   Mayor - City of Mississauga.

Current occupation: -  Caregiver
           - Mississauga Community Support.

Volunteer work/community involvement:   - Friends of the Cawthra Bush [includes Monarch Butterfly raising/gardens].
                                                                         - Mississauga Community Support.



The main points of my vision for a far greater/profitable future for Mississauga are interlinked, something other candidates don't understand or how to do. Transit & a new economy for the end of the carbon economy, that will ensure jobs for decades, if not JOBS for LIFE - greener buildings and higher densities’ buildings to make Mississauga showcase city.

An all (Canadian) weather alternative to subways is sorely needed for Canada, as they are just too costly, the hardest and longest to build transit. We need a form of transit that will solve our current demands, expandable to future ones BUT also, export this product to other cities in Canada and beyond. Mississauga is in the position to shape the future and profit the most from it with my kind of Leadership. We can profit greatly from our transit problems! The Federal government would see this as a most reasonable project to fund.

Think things are bad now? Canadians & Mississaugans must take very seriously the rising cost of oil/gas and how it will affect not just businesses but our personal finances. It will be a major element in the future and we need to be ready for it, not as current governments/politicians are, just reacting to crises they, in fact, created.

Time for a BIG fix for a BIG lift for Mississauga & it must be done NOW !

Simple common sense ideas are;

- Start increasing rider ship & revenue by covering existing transit, to help fund further improvements. Build for the Canadian weather so people don't have to think twice about using transit in foul weather and a pleasure to use. Covering is what we can do now!!!

- Cover transit parking lots, with the plan to build raised parking to ensure commuters need not be exposed to harsh weather at all while using transit.

- Use the hydro corridors that cross Mississauga for rail trains that will be hidden from view and sound buffered (rubber wheels can be used). The use of plantings and berms will not only make it visibility pleasing but useable nature walk as well.

- By setting up a business to deal with more than our Cities transit woes, a further source of revenue is created.

- Create a store of knowledge to store the worlds ideas for transit, high density and green buildings to further improve our ability to get it right the first time.

- Hiding buildings & trains behind bushes and other plantings, as well as green interiors, is a new way to build and one Mississauga needs to master - to export.

- Mississauga is in best position to take advantage of location, make Mississauga the western gate to for Toronto commuters.

- Keep the costs transparent, as a new way of doing business.

Environment & Recycling to fund communities;

Currently, Mississaugans are throwing away a fortune, which should be used for funding local community groups, projects and culture. We need to tap into this resource so the recycling that people want and everyone can profit from, can be done. Like a bike exchange for kids. I have made many donations of recycled items to music schools, churches, Toronto Wildlife and even the Mississauga Library. It helps fund Monarch Butterfly gardens. We need to stop throwing away our & our children’s future!

At City hall;

Get people more directly involved with votes. Mississaugans should be able to vote on issues before Council to show Councillors how they feel & harder for politicians to ignore taxpayers wishes.

An Ombudsman for Mississaugans to have access to.

Limit the number of election signs by same candidate per property and per feet.
To stop the apparent efforts to buy elections.

Peel police & City Security reforms to make them more accountable, less dangerous to the public and Canadian Democracy.

Why are you running in this election?

Mississaugans have asked me to. To try & share my 20 plus years knowledge (including running in elections), of how Mississauga City Hall really works. Despite reports to the contrary, I have enjoyed many successes over the years, that people have thanked me for and they wish for more.

To further warn Mississaugans. Knowing what I do about the two lead candidates, that they are a very real part of the problems Mississauga suffers from and should not be allowed to further profit from, by promising to repeat the same mistakes of the past.
Please, don't vote for the devils you know.
Mississauga has this one chance to break away failures of the past - don’t waste it!

I am sorry that Family problems, City Hall’s efforts try to stop me & the efforts at showing recycling can work for the greater good has drained most of my energy. 20 years ago, Mississaugans voted me in to represent their concerns to City Hall and since then I have been speaking truth to power, warning Mississaugans and suffered for it. Becoming Mississauga’s first political prisoner. Recently, Peel police have been legalizing violent crime against me, that has spilled over on to my elderly Father. On top of all this (and the reason for a lot of it), the local media can only be counted on to not report the facts and generally lead Mississaugans astray. Lastly, I am sorry to say, you truly get the government you deserve, despite my past warnings. In Mississauga, apathy, willing dull wittedness and letting the media tell you what to think/vote, makes the job of trying to wake up Mississaugans a very painful, draining and thankless job, done to little effect.

Why you should vote - even if you know nothing about the candidates or their platforms. When politicians see a sudden increase in voter turn out they get sacred and putting fear into them is something we need more of. So get out and
vote - even if you do it with your eyes closed.

Remember, if you take no part in the vote to decide on how your Rights and Freedoms will be decided - you are voting to be the government’s slave.




Donald Barber
constantly voted by Mississaugans
as most likely to be the
Next Mayor.

Hazel McCallion has on numerous occasions expressed
her respect for my skill and ability
in being a player with years of experience in Mississauga's politics.

One of her many endorsements and recommendations for me.
Vote for a man she respects!

Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated.
and necessary to make the difference needed!
Using PayPal.

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Visit events for the news and pictures of campaigning meetings

Hear Hazel McCallion and the other candidates speeches!

Mississauga 2010 Election
Video & Audio

See and/or Hear the Mayoralty candidates speeches,
even of Hazel !
You can listen to how they change their promises!
What other candidates cares this much about making sure voters are informed?

The 10 that usually show up at meetings are at bottom of page - Rockwood.

for all my videos


MUST SEE - video

MIRANET at U of  T Fascist debate.
"Its in writing, he accepted it, if he doesn't accept it,
 he is out on his ass to - got that?"
What better place to kill Canadian Democratic traditions?

??? Thinking of voting for Dave Cook ???

Then consider this.
He stated he saw nothing wrong with
holding a Mayoralty debate
without taxpayers or voters allowed in.

Also, there is the issue of
Dave  Cook's  violence
& abuse of power!

Power Point Issues

The rigged (for Hazel) debate to get Rogers to broadcast their show/commercial
love-in for Hazel McCallion
to support the re-election of the Mayor.


Media asks common sense
questions about
Hazel's health & age
we should all take note.
Helping other candidates
with posts & media list
how is the Mayor's?

 Threats of black mail from the Mayor using Councilor's private
Why doesn't the media care?
Using Hazel's picture by Candidates,
her office says OK.
McCallion's are developers
Hazel an unlawful one.
!!NEW !!

Of course the best example of Hazel McCallion's bad judgment
as discovered in the
Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

Formal complaint to the;
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
Rogers Communications Inc.

Still more;

Mississauga's Concerned Citizens for Transit
Sound like an insider who wants to speak up
with all the details!

The RULES by


the release form by


U of T
Fascist debate


Hazel McCallion’s last ditch
effort at holding onto power.
Doing so creates the case for
Bribery and Frauds on the government.




The basic questions that are not being asked
but should be when
considering voting for Hazel McCallion;

1).     What has she really done in her last term, that makes her worthy of being re-elected?

2).     What has she done that is
so special, that no one else could have?

3).     What are her
failures and how costly have they been?

4).     What can be
expected from her in the future, that Mississaugans can't get from someone else?


Financial Mismanagement of Mississauga
why your taxes are going up big time
Mississauga is effectively
!! DEBT !!
{told you so in 2006}

2010 Election Flyer - 1

Donald Barber
Mayor of Mississauga

!!!! People before Profits !!!!

Donald Barber has since 1994
been involved, protecting Mississaugans rights and doing all he can to ensure we are meaningfully involved in local government decision making and has suffered greatly for it.  This is the fifth time running and in 2006, while facing false charges (all dropped) by the City to try and keep him from the job the public wanted done he scored so well in the polls and donations, a person has to go back 20 years to find better!
Willing to live in poverty to serve our community,
remember that when others try to buy your vote with their colour adds.

His successes for the community have been many as he knows how City hall really works Recently he helped stop the air/dust pollution in Cooksville from the large building being demolished.  He has acted to make a school crossing safer during road construction.  He has addressed a Provincial panel regarding law suites that keep the public from being involved.  And Mr. Barber can read government documents.

Traffic Jams - Lack of Transit - Grid-lock!

The LONG time Mayor and her Council have "councillors and city planning staff blew it big-time "!
My transit vision supported by the Toronto Star - they published my letter about one of my better ideas for Mississauga.  We can lead in transit.


The way Team McCallion does business in Mississauga is costing us $5 MILLION + and likely far more as new deals surface
- on top of much higher taxes.
If you support those who want more of the same, worked in the past or future with same gang,
how can you afford the financial and moral cost,
that is making Mississauga the laughing stock of Canada?

Mission # 1 for Donald Barber
will be to protect the rights and freedoms of taxpayers & residents from the abuses of government and to ensure their entitlement to government services in a fair & just fashion. I stand up to Government, Politicians & the Police. In the Name of the People, I am a Proven Democratic & Environmental Champion Making Donald Barber The Democratic Choice.

The Reasonable Voter, WILL not allow City staff or Councillors to use the
police as political weapons to avoid dealing with issues,
community leaders,
Union members/organizers or taxpayers.

This includes the end of business as usual at City hall that is
costing Missisaugans millions to find out what I have been telling the public for years!
That those in power are personally making too much money from their office and power.
If there is a theme for this election, for me, it would be
“I told you so”

Your taxes are set to raise big time and you have to do some thing about it.
For years the true cost of running a City has been put off and the proper amount for
taxes not collected so certain politicians could get elected over and over.

These raises have to be managed properly and no one else has the heart to do it, as no one else is telling you the truth.

The Theme for this Election is out with the
OLD Cronies, OLD Clique, OLD Corruption
in with a NEW Democracy, its Liberties, while
being Environmentally Responsible,
!! Jobs for life !!

Volunteers are need to get the message out,
that now is time for a better Mississauga!
905 278-7877 - E-mail
Your donations to the CAMPAIGN TO ELECT DONALD BARBER will make a big difference!
Mail to: Station B, Box 1504, Miss. Ont. L4Y 4G2

!! Visit my election web-site !!

A Mother & Son story in Mississauga.

Aug. 16, 2010 - Letter by Donald Barber, Mississauga - to all Media -
Never underestimate the desire of a son to give their mom what she wants & to seek approval in dear old (Hurricane), Hazel’s eyes!

Most of this web-site is has not been up dated from the 2006 campaign - it will soon be,
bear in mind that most of issues are still the same.
Like corruption in City hall, big tax increases coming, lack of transit, the environment and people kept from being meaningfully involved in decision making at City hall.

Since 1994 I have been tell Mississaugans that those in power should not be and look how long it took before it hit a Court room - being so far ahead of time has been hard and I am sick of say I told you so!

Time for Mississaugans a chance for someone who has, for so long, been there for them, for free,
a better chance to make a difference.

Sept. 8, 2010 - Mayor Hazel McCallion making her important election related announcement.

Post Election News Links
For more developments regarding News and Politics in Mississauga
that the media will not report check out my

The Democratic Reporter web-site

and for Environmental News try my

Friends  of  the  Cawthra  Bush


Greater  Mississauga  Area

Nov. 13, 2006
The 2006 election results are in and I came in second.
{deep sigh}
The voters of Mississauga LOST another election
failed another political intelligence test.

A few more notes about the outcome of the
2006 Mississauga Mayoralty Race & election in general.

On this page going lay out a break-down of the numbers in greater detail
than the City or even the media ever does.

For more about what is really going on in Mississauga - click here.

It has been a hard campaign because of what little money there was
but the numbers speak for themselves.
As I campaigned harder and broader across the City than in the past, the results are clear.
Despite bring up issues that many did not want to deal with,
I received 5.2 % (of votes cast), or 5,571 votes.
Twice as many votes as the last time ran in 2000
when received 2.81 % (of votes cast), or 2,726 votes.
You have to go back to the results of the 1985 election (more than 20 years ago),
to find anyone else who pulled in as many votes in a race against McCallion, as I did.

if you have not already - please send more money - in debt over this, you know.

The weather was poor, cold, damp, foggy which did not encourage Canadians to come out to vote - as they should.

One very important point - after being arrested and being thrown in prison, becoming Hazel McCallion's first political prisoner.  This election was also marred by the Peel police withholding the Byron Osmond painting 1984, that was to sold for my funding, yet another example of the police being a willing political weapon for Mississauga's politicians.  That this was being made very public as to the evil being done to me by City hall and therefore by Hazel McCallion - the fact so many people showed their support for me, by voting for me, proves Mississaugans knew an injustice had occurred.  It may not have been on the ballot as such but it was being voted on
- tonight was my greatest political victory (so far!)
and McCallion's greatest defeat!

It is also worth noting that media, especially the Missing News and the Toronto Star
(both part of the TorStar group of companies),
panned me and the issues I raised almost daily
& still the public voted for me, in ever more increasing numbers.
clearly, I have significant public support & on track with my issues!

Again Hazel McCallion did not gain the support of the majority of eligible voters and therefore can not be considered to have the authority of majority rule.
If the Mayor could showed the kind of increase in support as I have in this election
- then she could claim a true Democratic victory and broad base support.

The Mayor's supporters viewed this election as a popularity contest and not what it was - time for the taxpayers/voters to make a business decision regarding the City's future.

The issues that needed to be addressed were by me but the voters of Mississauga were a sleep at the switch, not understand political cause & affect.

As a result the issues were not properly addressed.
The unfairness of the Mayor getting far more media than the candidates,
 amounts to her running a campaign.  At campaign centered around
That and Ratepayers groups holding meetings where only she was invited,
means a monopoly of that group or meeting - Hazel's way.
If she was a fair sport she would not spoken at these meetings unless the other candidates could but that is not the kind of role model she is.

Those that do the Mayor's evil deeds will see her election as approval of her unlawful and immoral methods - how long can I go before more false charges?

Democratic & Environmental
Donald Barber

For the

Reasonable Voter.
A short biography of Donald Barber

Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated.
and necessary to make the difference needed!
Using PayPal.

Mission #  1  for  Donald  Barber
will be to protect the rights and freedoms of taxpayers & residents
 from the abuses of government and to
ensure their entitlement to government services in a fair & just fashion.

City By-law attacks - political harassment of a Mayoralty candidate!

!! DEBT !!

Is this true?
The papers say it is -
"a significant gap between the funds the City has set aside for the jobs and the expected cost,"

$ 1 BILLION in the next 10 years,

$ 5.8 BILLION in the next 30!

Hazel McCallion loves to tell us the City is debt free and now we find out some one has not been paying the bills or putting money away for a rainy day.
That would have been the Mayor.

The Theme for this Election is
out with the
OLD Cronies,
OLD Clique,
OLD Corruption

in with a
NEW Democracy
and its Liberties,
while being Environmentally Responsible.

Main reasons to Vote for Donald Barber

  Point  Form  Platform;

The GREATEST problems that Mississauga is facing;

That Hazel McCallion will likely not live to see the end of her term.

    *        This is a million dollar gamble & VOTERS don't even know why!  It is also the greatest reason why we should
              not vote for the McCallion cult of personality.  As well as, her bad judgment that has got taxpayers on the
              hook in a $ 20 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit!

2).      TRANSIT -  Lack of Transit, Traffic Jams, Grid-lock and more & more pollution from cars ruining all our
             health, especially the children!  The current Mayor and City Council have admitted that they can't deal with
             the issues and have not in the past.  The time has come for new vision, the best possible solution and one that
             will create jobs and hopefully a new industry we can use to help other Cities out of similar situations of bad
             planning.  The media supports my plan!

          Mississauga's Concerned Citizens for Transit - Sound like an insider who wants to speak up
          with all the details!

We should have what all truly world class Cities have - a subway or mass, rapid rail transit.           

            The Fact is, when the plan to extend the Toronto Subway into Mississauga was KILLED, not only was her long
            time Council responsible (or should I say totally irresponsible), then, (as she was), how can we trust them to act
            any more responsible now, when in 1995 they effectively declared WAR on mass transit because their friends in
            the business community wanted the City to spend taxpayers such an insane thing!  The Mayor is only too
            happy to spend taxpayers money on making her business friends happy, no matter the cost.

    *    Also needed is all-weather parking at transit points to make sure that if you come to use transit, you can park.
          All-weather platforms for GO and bus transit points.

    *    Mayoralty candidate in Mississauga running for office on a SEGWAY

        A ever growing list of the MAJOR sources of pollution in and around Mississauga.


4).    City of Mississauga's Finances - need to be fully reviewed.

    *    It has been noted by the media that Mississauga BILLIONS in DEBT !!  They say there is -
          "a significant gap between the funds the City has set aside for the jobs and the expected cost,"
          $ 1 BILLION in the next 10 years, $ 5.8 BILLION in the next 30!

To restore Mississaugans Democratic rights and government accountability,
         aimed at restoring the balance of power between the public & government;

    *    End the harassment of the public by City politicians and City staff, aided at removing taxpayers from
          the political process.

    *    Not to wrongfully use City legal staff to harass Mississaugans or justify denying City serves for political reasons.
          Click here & be the judge.

    *   Create an Ombudsman to ensure fairness, for equally of services and accountability.

    *    Reinstate Mississauga's special Democratic tradition - Public Question Period - as it was,
          for items NOT items not on the agenda and not controlled by motion of Council.

    *    Not to allow City Councillors to use Council or other public meetings to defame or slander members
          of the public, as they now do.

    *    Not to allow City staff or Councillors to use the police as a political weapons to avoid dealing with issues,
          community leader, Union members/organizers or taxpayers.

    *    To require that ALL presents from the public, especially those from developers be noted and the
           list be available to the public.

    *    Require a log of all meetings be kept with details of items dealt with at meetings involving elected officials and,
          to be available to the public.  Government wants to watch over the pubic while it does all it business behind
          closed doors, with business - no more, that is not good or open government.

    *    Require that all major meetings in Council chambers be recorded and/or video taped so anyone who could not
          attend the meeting, can review it later, for up to 6 months.

    *    Member of the public who addressed meetings in Council chambers be allowed to make corrections to the
          minutes in regard to what they have said.

    *    That photocopier be made part of the Clerks counter so the public can makes copies for less than
          50 cents a page.  Very useful for Freedom of Information requests.

    *    Not to refused recognition any Ratepayers group, especially because it is thought they could disagree with
          the City.

    *    Set down standards for community groups so they will know how to be organized, so that they will be

    *    To respect those trying to form unions and not to allow any form of violence, as has been the case in the past.

    *    To aid Mississaugans who wish protect their Charter Rights and Freedoms from infringement by the
          Peel police or other levels of government.  This would include better legal clinics in Mississauga and is for
          Crime Prevention & Community Safety.   One example of such abuse is here.   
          Other examples of why the Peel police need to be rained in.

    *    To make drivers available for elected officials so that they can set an example of never driving after drinking.
          For too long it has been an open joke in Mississauga that they attend social functions, are clearly over the limit,
          then drive themselves home - this must END!

    *    Protect whistle blowers at City hall.

    *    Term limits are need to help term politicians from becoming too corrupt.

Environmental platform;

 *    To create a proper Environmental Committee for Mississauga, that will allow general members of the public to
           sit on it, members of the public to attend meetings and address it - not held in secret with no minutes.

    *    A special project for City hall and one that would help the City of Mississauga to become world leader in new
          building technology
- the mixing of living systems with man built systems.  The clock tower is a eye sore as it is
          now, that the media has referred to as "a sniper tower".  The existing skeleton of steel should be covered with
          vines, it is feasible without damaging the integrity of the structure and be something that could gain
          Mississauga international attention for environmental architecture. Developing ways of being able to do this
          would start a whole new form of architecture and Mississaugans can be proud to say we were the first.

7).    Arts & Culture;

    *    Not to allow the kind of Arts censorship that happened this year in Port Credit to the photographer
          Byron Osmond.

Lack of youth culture sites, such as venues for concerts.  By most accounts Mississauga is DEAD!
          McCallion may like it that way but ..... build it and they will come - from Toronto, and beyond!

The Urban Environment;

    *    End the practice by Developers of putting up their huge & illegal sandwich signs on street corners,
         over the weekends as City staff are not on duty.  I have also been told twice that the Mayor has said not to
         enforce the Sign By-law, this will be stop!  For more about this - pictures & E-mails.

    *    I will not allow the return of the City's plans to log and tree farm city parks and lands in general, throughout
          the City.  Having lead the community effort to stop this plan, will make sure it does not raise from the dead.

About Candidate Donald Barber;

A short biography of Donald Barber.

The media is supporting my transit vision.

City By-law attacks - political harassment of a Mayoralty candidate!

Other Candidates in the 2006 Mayor's race;

Hazel McCallion
It was only in the last few days of the election that the Mayor presented anything in writing regarding why she should be reelected.  Up to that point, the Mayor' platform (or lack of it) & her only promise was to try and stay alive.

Why Hazel McCallion is yesterday's Mayor and will not be able to deal with the kind of City that Mississauga has become.

Attacks your large! A sample of the Hate-Filled Fanatical Feminists phone messages that Hazel McCallion’s supporters leave.  Keep them coming - love the proof that I am the better choice!

A Drunk Driver?  Check it out!        Sound clips of Hazel McCallion - the wild & crazy lady that is she is.

Hazel McCallion Reasons for Some Serious Sober Second Thoughts about Supporting her.


Hazel McCallion's Ultimate Act of Greed & Betrayal of Mississauga's Taxpayers - it will cost us at least $5.8 billion !!!!

Is the Mayor parading around in some kind of Clown Costume?  What is she thinking?
Maybe she thinks she is
The Mississauga Rattler or BLACK Spider MAYOR.

The Mayor's bad judgment puts taxpayers on the hook in a $ 20 million lawsuit!


2006 election other Candidates or races in Mississauga - doing something of note;

Ward 9 Councillor Race - Pat Satio, Antonio Baptista (the father) & Joe Baptista (the son) - HELP PUT A CANDIDATE IN JAIL!
Abuse of power & Peel police as a political weapon - an election issue.  I even run the risk of being imprisoned for reporting the facts in this matter!   

What are the issues in the 2006 & 2010 (still) election?

The NUMBER 1 issue in the 2006 Mississauga election is ....
{The voters million dollar gamble & they don't even know it!}

Lack of Transit   &  Grid-lock!
Can't you just feel your life slipping away as you sit in traffic jams created by the Queen of Sprawl?

My do-able vision for the future that would get Mississauga out of the transit disaster the Mayor and her YES Councillors have got us all into, over the decades.
Click here for one of the letters submitted to government that shows
I have presenting solutions between elections to Mississauga's problems.

!!!!  The media is supporting my transit vision  !!!!

The question is why would Hazel McCallion not support using
hydro corridors for Mississauga's transit?
Maybe the reason can be seen on ......

In or Out of Peel?
How high a price is Hazel McCallion willing to pay?

Dropping power plants like bombs on Mississauga's communities?

A growing concern - is the future of Mississauga that of an Air Pollution Slum?
Has Hazel McCallion sold her soul and the heath & welfare of Mississaugans and their families
to the Province so Mississauga can be separated from the Region of PEEL?

More here

Just what are the finances of the City of Mississauga?
Are we really as "debt free" as the Mayor claims?

Job creation
the lack of it

The Mayor's bad judgment puts taxpayers on the hook in a $ 20 million lawsuit!

Lack of Social Services

Lack of youth culture sites, such as venues for concerts.
By most accounts Mississauga is DEAD!
McCallion may like it that way but.....

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the sidewalk & Pedestrian Right of Way.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the Driver's Sight Triangle.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Breaking By-Laws - at the Mayor's directions!



On the Campaign Trail

Events regarding the 2006 Mississauga Election,
past and up-coming

News Articles

The City of Mississauga list of candidates in the 2006 Municipal election
The Democratic Reporter site that has more details,
such as known web-sites.

Quick facts about Mississauga

Quick facts about Peel Region

Pop. (2003):                           687,437 
Pop. growth                           1996-2003:  26.3%
Land area:                              288.4 sq. km
Pop. Age 25-54:                      7.8%
Pop. Age 55-up:                      17.0%
Foreign-born pop.:                   46.8%
Visible minority pop.:               40.3%
Avg. Earnings F/T work:          $48,792
Use public transit for work:      14.7%


Pop. (2003):                            1,122,959
Pop. growth                            1996-2003:  31.7%
Land area:                               1241.9 sq. km
Pop. Age 25-54:                      47.6%
Pop. Age 55-up:                      16.4%
Foreign-born pop.:                   43.1%
Visible minority pop.:               38.5%
Avg. Earnings F/T work:          $47,636
Use public transit for work:      12.1%

by Tommy Douglas
to explain why I was arrested
why Mississauga voters should not vote for CATS!

To my media web-site

E-mail - - Snail mail - Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, L4Y 4G2

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